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“Rain Rain Go Away”

June 14th, 2013 baschi14

One way to describe this past week would be: rain. It has been raining here so much, and when I say rain I mean down pours with massive thunder storms! While walking to work is alway more fun in the rain…not, work has been great. The other interns and I are almost finished with our training period and will probably start actually writing and filing motions next week. I’m so excited! I’ve been itching to start a portion of the legal process that is so detailed and involved. The training is very useful though, and I would honestly be lost without it. Now that we are wrapping it up, I am noticing that everything builds on each other, making training crucial. I think I can finally say I’m getting the hang of it!

As for exploring the city, today I went for a run across the Brooklyn Bridge. It was so cool, except for the rain. Thankfully, the down pour didn’t start until I was pretty close to the end of the bridge. On the plus side, the rain made me run faster to get home! Tomorrow I leave for my friends beach club up in the suburbs of New York. I am excited to get to spend sometime relaxing and seeing a quieter side of the city. I love the constant activity of the area, but at the same

running across the Brooklyn Bridge

time I am very ready for a quiet few days at the beach. A home cooked meal will be nice too…cooking for myself is a lot harder than anticipated!

"Law and Order: SVU" court house!

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