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Examination Before Trial and a Night Out on the Town

July 16th, 2013 baschi14

Today I got to witness a deposition or examination before trial (EBT for short). For all those that are not familiar with this esesential legal process, a deposition is a session in which either the plaintiff or the defendant is questioned by both attorneys. Lawyers use this in order to gain essential information and evidence about the case. EBTs are usually fast paced events where the attorneys try to confuse the person they are questioning in the hopes of gaining some information vaulable to their side.

I had the oportunity to observe an EBT of a plaintiff and it was so cool! It lasted for about 2 hours and was very intense. Constant firing of questions and arguing between the lawyers. The attorney I was following even let me ask a question which was so cool because my name was put on the record. Having my name on the record makes me feel like a real lawyer!

After the EBTs later that night the partners of the law firm and the president of American Transit took us out to a nice fancy dinner at the New York Athletic Club which is a very nice and prestigious social club in the Upper East Side. This place was amazing! The dinner was fantastic and a lot of fun. Not only was the food great, but the atmosphere of this club was unlike anything else I have ever seen. However, what really made the night really amazing was the great company. Everyone was so friendly and had some great advice to share. I had a very nice time and will always remember it.

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