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First Week: Completed!

June 9th, 2013 baschi14

The pier on my running route

Well I can’t believe it here I am sitting waiting for my dinner to cook, at the end of my first week in New York City and the real world. Guess what I survived! While it took a little getting used to, I now feel pretty comfortable in the city and am truly enjoying myself. Work has been busy but very interesting. All last week we spent time learning about different New York statues and laws, and then began our training. I got to sit with a paralegal and learn all about how lawyers form cases and research to make their arguments stronger. I really liked seeing this aspect, since I love researching and writing in my studies.

Once Friday rolled around, the other interns and I decided to go to our first Happy Hour. It was so cool and a great atmosphere. This was my first time at a Happy Hour and it was great to be surrounded by other professionals looking to blowing off some steam from a long week. Plus, it was a great way to try some new usually expensive drinks at half price. After Happy Hour some of my high school friends came up and visited me, and that was a blast! We enjoyed exploring the city night life together and got to celebrate another friends 21st birthday in a truly special way. While in the city I met up with another one of my friends and fellow Women’s Rowing teammate from Holy Cross and it was great to have some of my great friends all hanging out together.

Saturday was another awesome day, which started out with a great brunch at the local diner full of eggs, french toast and all the coffee we could order. Once my friends left for their return trip home, I went to the gym and then took a nap. Once refreshed, my roommate and I made our way down to Target, picked up a few essentials and then went back to the room. Later that night I made my way down to Madison Square Park to visit my friend where a few of us went to the free BBQ down there. It was so fun, full of live music, beer gardens, and delicious smoked bbq. As we walked around the street you could smell the smoked food and I think I drooled a little! We finally made our way down to East Village to get some yummy gluten free cupcakes at Tu Lula’s Gluten Free Bakery. These were amazing! I love my baked goods, and it was so nice to get a yummy treat that I could really fully enjoy. As we walked back we stopped at a pub in the area and it was so cool. It was a great atmosphere full of young people enjoying a casual drink and food with friends. Once we left East Village we walked all over Soho and then ended up back near Madison Square Park where we ended the night with a bar sized truffle and arugula pizza and a cold cider, at the Taphouse. AMAZING and soooo YUMMY!

Overall it’s been a great week and I have learned so much and finally feel settled in. I’m looking forward to the second week and all that I am going to learn, explore, and discover!

panorama of the pier

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