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Gathering Evidence

June 22nd, 2013 baschi14

For the first time I felt like an official intern today, when I took the initiative to go to the Kings County Court House to retrieve a court document. It all started when I was writing my motion for today and preparing various documents I would use for evidence. As I went through the file I noticed a document crucial to my argument was missing. When I approached my supervisor she told me we could try to reword the argument without using this evidence. However, after further review she realized it was actually the most crucial piece of my argument. Because she was so busy today she was hesitant to take me to the court house to get the records, so showing excitement, I voulenteered and off I went.

Kings County Court House

The court house only a block away so it was pretty easy to find. Once there I made friends with the police officer running the entrance. He was so friendly and eager to help! I then reached the records room, where I was greeting once again by friendly clerks who showed me how to file the request. After the retrieved the papers for me I then quickly photocopied the document and returned to the office. My supervisor was very impressed that I took initiative and showed interest in wanting to make sure my argument was complete and thorough. It was great to be able to own my work, and really feel like I had put everything I could into making this piece the best one I’ve written yet. I loved visiting the records room, where thousands of huge old paper boxes line the walls, from the ground up. The minute I walked in it smelt like old paper, a smell I love! I hope I will be able to visit the record room again sometime this summer, and who knows maybe I will run into my new friend, Mark the police officer!

Yummy cheese platter!

Yesterday night I met up with some friends from Holy Cross for drinks and dinner in East Village. And it was a lot of fun! We ended up walking around for a little, and stumbled into a cute little place called Cafe Mocha. We had great food and delicious wine. We even got a free cheese platter with a bottle of wine! The cheese was wonderful and complimented the wine nicely. It was great to enjoy some time with friends and unwind from a long day of work. I enjoyed hearing about everyone’s internship experiences. Last night was a nice night of story sharing about the struggles of copy machines, printers, and computers over a great dinner and a wonderful bottle of wine. I felt like a grownup person in the real world! I had a great time and I hope we can do it again soon. East Village is really cool and a great place to hangout as a young student looking for a relaxing atmosphere. It is probably my favorite place I’ve visited in the city so far.

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