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Me vs. the Copy Machine…

June 14th, 2013 baschi14

The title of this post pretty much describes the day I had at work. The battle between me and the copy machine began around 10:30am when I was sent to make photo copies of the documents I had prepared for a client. When told what to do, I thought, “no big deal copies, that’s easy”. Little did I know it would be an endless struggle, resulting in many paper casualties. After seeing the machine that’s when it hit me that this was going to be a little more complicated than usual. It clearly wasn’t your standard Xerox machine, not only was it the size of a VW BUG but, also complete with a myriad amount of options and fancy, shiny buttons. I was in shock.

Once I finally figured out the correct button order to press (took about 10 minutes) I pressed the big green START button, and that’s when it all began. At first it sounded all fine, everything progressed normally and then…BANG! Flashing red lights and horrible noises told me something was most definitely wrong. A huge jam, 15 of the 30 pages I was copying got stuck somewhere in the massive machine. With paper flying everywhere, I thought it would be a good idea to open the machine. In hindsight this was the worst thing, it was like opening the flood gates. I reached into the depth of the beast, to grab the jammed paper. As I released my hands from its stomach I didn’t realize they were inky, and of course planted them right on my white dress. Needless to say, my dress was ruined for the rest of the day. Finally, about and hour later, my copies were all set and ready to be mailed. Phew!

Despite my embarrassment, I learned a valuable lesson today, how to work a car-sized copy machine. I also provided the entire office with entertainment for the morning, as they were all watching. Apparently my face was in complete shock throughout the whole thing. I think I will be known for the rest of the summer as the girl who lost to the copy machine. Even though I was providing them amusement, all those sitting around the machine were so willing to help, and honestly I wouldn’t have made it through the fight without the reinforcement troops. Thankfully, I emerged with only the ink stains, no real battle scares. And guess what, by the end of the day I was a copy pro. So to all those out there a little scared to use a copier, don’t worry if I can eventually figure it out so can you!

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